Photography is my passion. I see it as an adventure, and adventure that is just waiting to be explored! I want to let you know a little bit about me and my passion for photography! Photography is an expression of art and joy. For me to bring joy to others completes my artistic journey. I enjoy capturing those precious moments of love and affection. Photography is so much more than a way to capture a picture or a moment in time; it allows me to share that moment for years to come with you. These moments are meant to be cherished! 

I will mention much of my portfolio is surrounding around the connection between a individual and their horse, with that said that is not all I do. I have experience in weddings, prom and special event photography and my main goal is capturing the moment when there is love and passion.

I believe that every natural moment is the best moment to cherish. Allowing the love for people to their horses or for the couple to shine for their lifetime is the greatest gift!